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Luke Sweeney - Adventure: Us

Luke Sweeney - Adventure: Us

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A matchbox collection of smoking psych-soul gems cut on two reels of two-inch tape in Brooklyn with the masterful Robin MacMillan (Persephone’s Bees, Shalants) over a series of sessions beginning in September of 2010, this is Luke Sweeney’s first full studio production that yields this response from fellow artists and industry folk:

"Luke Sweeney writes, performs and records psychedelic pop with a rock & roll flair. He does this on his 'Adventure:Us' album, with a miraculous absence of pretense or kitsch. That's because Luke really has his own soulful style and is unconcerned with both trend and tradition. He knows his rock & roll cliches and he uses them when he feels like it, right alongside his own original riffs and chords. Solo artists are often so precious but Luke Sweeney takes himself just seriously enough, resulting in recordings that are both silly and earnest. It disarms me. I'm proud to know him and hope to hear more. Hopefully, he'll have some influence on me."
- Bart Davenport, Los Angeles CA, February 28, 2014

“Adventure:Us is one of those recordings you listen to and instantly know you are going to want to listen to it over and over again. It has that wonderful mixture of accessibility and expert craftsmanship that both invites and rewards repeated listening--thoughtful & wry humor, engaging composition and production, top notch musicianship. In short, nothing less than I've come to expect of Luke and Robin.”
- Antonette Goroch, singer/songwriter

“Luke Sweeney is a talented songwriter. His music is good on the surface and even better in the depths. Chord changes take unexpected turns. Time signatures switch without a hitch in the pulse. I wish 'Adventure:Us' was already out so I could play it for my friends.
Craig Gotsill -- producer of 'Jessica Pratt'

“'Ether/Ore' is a humble yet confident display of Luke Sweeney's raw talent. The guitar work shines with lo-fi, moody, complex, and catchy twists and turns. One is relaxed and alert simultaneously throughout the record. His voice and chord choices discover emotions unnameable.
Luke's latest record 'Adventure:Us' shows another side. The production puts lyrics and voice in the foreground. You can hear his intelligent blend of humor and sincerity. The instrumentation is carefully woven to cater to each song's feel, with Luke's signature guitar style paving the way. It's a rock record without it being rammed through your ears. You'll come close to comparing it to something you've heard before, but you will end up failing."
- Pat Hull, singer/songwriter/nationally touring musician

“Luke Sweeney's Adventure:Us is his most dense and defined work to date. There might be no better road trip music that I have heard this year. If you are a fan of Big Star, Television or Sweet, Adventure:Us will be your summer jam. The soundscape created by Luke and Robin blanket the listener with a groovy-dreaminess, and the lyrics have a playfully poetic touch. Luke has evolved from a raw garage musician to a composer of top notch pop/rock & roll.”
- Garrett Pierce, singer/songwriter (Crossbill/Narnack Records)

“this stuff is golden. so good. Reminds me of my buddy Mac Demarco!”
- Kyle McEvoy, The Guru (Seagreen Records)

"In recent years, Luke Sweeney has fronted a couple of the Bay Area's finest bands (Vows, Wet Dreams Dry Magic), and I'm a fan of all his musical incarnations. I'll avoid comparisons and just say this new record rallies the true spirit of delightful psychpop tunesmithery and I can't wait to see him perform again as soon as possible!"
- Neil Martinson, DJ & promoter (SMiLE!, The Vortex Room)

"Luke Sweeney's "Adventure: Us" transports the listener into a psychedelic atmospheric bliss. Tracks: "Miss Me" and "Baby Learns to Fly" are personal favorites. Comparisons to Elliot Smith and T-Rex can be made - although, it should be said that Luke is unique talent in his own right."
- Rykarda Parasol, International Singer/Songwriter

"Luke Sweeney's Adventure:Us is a fresh crisp step forward in to well produced folk pop rock.. Sweeney sings on this album with cool beat tenderness and with personal and playful lyrics, accompanied by a hypnotizing voice that that really grabs your attention and tugs on your heart. Adventure:Us will definitely get your feet tapping straight from the start. My favorites are definitely some if not all of the first 6 to 8 songs of the album. Luke Sweeney's Adventure:Us will definitely have everyone talking."
- David Loca, Part Time
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